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Keepsake Urns

We specialise in Keepsake urns for human ashes, which is a deeply personal way of preserving the memories of your loved ones when they have passed away.  The ability to have a tiny remembrance of your loved one in a unique Keepsake urn such as our Crystal Bottles - both beautiful in their own way and a secure vessel for something so precious – can be a help with the grieving and healing process.  Small keepsake urns can become treasured mementoes for you and your family, as the years go by.

Keeping your memories alive in a small bottle is a specially poignant and meaningful way of not feeling completely parted from your loved one. Our unique crystal bottle keepsake urns will discreetly fit into your surroundings; whether it's on your dressing table, on a shelf, in a display cabinet or even in your handbag to hold when you want to feel a tangible reminder.

A different kind of Keepsake Urn

Not everyone wants a traditional keepsake urn. We fully understand the feelings you are having to deal with at this current time and know how hard it is to find the perfect keepsake urn to remember your loved ones. Losing someone important to you, a family member, friend or even a pet, can be a very distressing time for anyone and often the way you choose to commemorate him or her can be part of the healing process for you. If you would like something more personal, a crystal bottle will hold a small portion of human ashes or perhaps a lock of hair.

Our small keepsake urns such as crystal bottles are very discreet, but also beautiful and decorative enough to put out somewhere in your home.  You don't have to tell everyone who comes what's in it if you don't want to, but it's a good memory of someone that meant a lot to you and your family, every time your eye falls on it.

The tiny crystal bottle is even small enough to be held in the hand or kept in your handbag; a focus for thoughts and reminiscences; a tangible reminder for the heart, so that they are never forgotten, in a small keepsake urn chosen by you especially for the purpose.

We have a selection of different kinds of Memorial Keepsake Urns

We have a few variations of bottles as small keepsake urns for you to choose from so please pick the one that seems best to you. We know we can't guarantee closure on the way you feel about your loss, but hopefully our specially made keepsake Memory Bottle will give you that little bit of extra comfort you need at this difficult time.


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