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About Us

We are a family run company formed in memory of our loved father who always inspired and taught us to follow our hearts in whatever we did. The idea for Memory in a Bottle was born out of a deep desire to cherish his memory and we wanted our own personal way of doing so.

A Keepsake for Ashes - a Focus for Your Memories

We could never replace Dad in any way but still wanted him around for our own consolation without making things uncomfortable for our guests.

We could have chosen traditional keepsakes but we felt the need for something more personal and convenient as a container for ashes perhaps, would be appropriate for a modern day society.

We have our friends to thank for the whole concept. When they asked how I felt at the time I told them "I would like a bottle to hold all my special memories of my Father"...and hence Memory In A Bottle was formed.

Now you too can hold your own precious memories of your loved ones around, securely protected in a precious Crystal Bottle, forever.

Our Company is Dedicated to our dear father, Ronald James Flack 14/07/1934 to 16/12/2011


on all orders as our holiday gift for you!